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Along with this week's roll-call votes, the Senate also adopted a resolution (S. Res. 19) expressing the importance of the Senate, based on which the US Structure violates the candidate's rejection by the Federal Office on the idea of membership of the Columbus Knights; and accepted the Act on the Extension of the Anti-Terrorism Normal of the Chemical Institutions (HR 251), which extended for 15 months this system of the Department of Counter-Terrorism of Chemical Institutions of Inner Safety

. (HJ Res. 28), which can proceed to increase appropriations for the monetary yr 2019; TANF Extension Act (H.R. 430), extending the State Help Scheme to households in want of short-term help and associated packages by 30 June 2019; Federal Regulation on Inner Safety (H. R. 136), amending section 5 of the US Code to guard unpaid trainees within the federal government from harassment and discrimination within the office; and American Flag State Act (HR 113) require the federal government to use domestically-bought US flags

Home Votes

House Vote 1:
FINANCING EPA, INTERIOR POLICY: House has passed the Ministry of the Interior, the Surroundings and its related businesses (HR 266) sponsored by Betty McCollum, D-Minnesota. The invoice would offer funding for the 2019 monetary yr to the Ministry of the Interior, the Environmental Protection Agency and a lot of other cultural and environmental businesses. McCollum stated that the expiration of the monetary contribution in the course of the partial closure of the government "puts the health of the people of the United States and their communities at risk" by stopping the financing of the EPA, and the invoice would put an finish to this menace. Opponent Ken Ken Calvert, R-California, stated that the invoice has not adequately funded key EPA environmental improvement packages and healthy forest and earthquake early warning initiatives. On 11 January, the vote was 240 for 179.
YEAS: Pingree D-Maine (1.), Golden D-Maine (2.)

House Vote 2:
: Home has passed the Government Equal Remedy of Staff Act (S. 24) sponsored by Senate Benjamin Cardin, D-Maryland, to compensate federal staff who suffered partial government shutdowns on December 22. , Rep. Greg Gianforte, R-Montana, said that he had fulfilled the "promise to our own officials, to those who were on the side, and to those who were still working without pay" because politicians have been unable to stop or resolve downtime. The vote on January 11 was 411 nights.
YEAS: Pingree D-Maine (1.), Golden D-Maine (2.)

House Vote three:
ANTI-SEMITISM ENVOY Parliament has passed a Particular Envoy for Anti-Semitic Regulation (HR 221) by The sponsor is Christopher Smith, R-New Jersey, to function Ambassador Extraordinary of the State Division, chargeable for monitoring and combating anti-Semitism abroad. Smith stated that sending a sender to a better station "updates and strengthens the position to better anticipate, prevent, mitigate and respond to threats against Jewish communities around the world." The vote was on January 11, 411 nights, till 1 day.
YEAS: Pingree D-Maine (1.), Golden D-Maine (2.)

House Vote 4:
Small Investments: House has passed Rep. Judy Chu, D-California, provides a proportion of capital that banks can spend money on corporations collaborating in Small Business Investment Company. Chu stated that this system has helped small companies, comparable to Apple, Intel and Costco, and increasing their investments into corporations, in line with this system, signifies that more entrepreneurs get the capital they should develop their business and rent their staff. , was 403 nights to 2.
NO VOTES: Pingree D-Maine (1.), Golden D-Maine (2.)

Home Vote 5:
PARTY GOVERNMENT The House has rejected the Supplementary Further Finances Act (HJ Res. 27), which sponsored by Nita M. Lowey, D-New York. The bill would have offered funding for February 1 to varied federal businesses whose funding has ceased as a consequence of partial closure. Lowey stated that its function was to "give time to Congress for a year-round agreement without compromising on vital services or the wages of federal workers." Opponent, rep. Robert B. Aderholt, R-Alaska, stated the brief-term financial statement would go away the democracy and Republican finances line unresolved, and Aderholt referred to as for negotiations to develop a everlasting answer for the financing of 2019. The vote on 15 January was 237 nights for 187 nights, and a two-thirds majority was required for adoption
YEAS: Pingree D-Maine (1), Golden D-Maine (second)

Home vote 6:
WHITE CITIZENSHIP AND WHITE EXCELLENCE: Parliament has adopted a resolution (H. Res. 41) sponsored by James E. Clyburn, D-South Carolina, stating that Parliament rejects hostile intolerance expressions of white nationalism and white energy, that are in conflict with the USA values ​​that outline the individuals. Clyburn stated: “Racial segregation is a fault line that tore our individuals aside. This physique should converse towards this evil. “The vote, January 15, was 424 yuan for 1.
YEAS: Pingree D-Maine (1.), Golden D-Maine (2.)

Home Vote 7:
DISKRIMINATION AND FEDERAL WORKFORCE: Home has passed the Federal Regulation Towards Discrimination towards Staff (HR 135) sponsored by Elijah E. Cummings, D-Maryland, to increase discrimination and management retaliation towards federal staff. Cummings stated the invoice "protects the right of every federal worker, every federal jobseeker and every citizen to equal opportunities." The vote was unanimous on January 15 with 424.
YEAS: Pingree D-Maine (1.), Golden D-Maine (2.)

Home Vote eight:
BOARD AGREEMENT: House has passed Rep. Roger W. Marshall, R-Kansas, raises the greenback quantity from the one source code granted by the federal government to small companies. Marshall stated that the change would improve the probabilities for small companies to win federal contracts and in addition strengthen control over the procurement process. The vote on 16 January was 415 nights.
YEAS: Pingree D-Maine (1.), Golden D-Maine (2.)

House Vote 9:
BORDER SECURITY: House has accepted an amendment sponsored by James P. McGovern, D-Massachusetts , is in the Supplementary Price range Act (HR 268). The amendment would forestall using the bill to finance the construction of obstacles at the US-Mexican border by army engineers or the home safety division. McGovern stated that the modification is required to ensure that the aim of the invoice to spend money for disaster aid was not used for another objective. Opponent Rep. Kay Granger, R-Texas, referred to as it a "poison cushion" that disrupted the bilateral effort to adopt measures that "bring our infrastructure and our agency's assets back to full operation" after the current disasters. The vote on January 16 was 230 yuan for 197.
YEAS: Pingree D-Maine (1.), Golden D-Maine (2.)

House Vote 10:
Home has passed the Supplementary Appropriations Act (HR 268) sponsored by Nita M. Lowey , D-New York. The invoice would offer further funding of $ 12.1 billion for the 2019 monetary yr for federal emergency grants to recuperate from current fires, hurricanes and different pure disasters, and supply funding to varied federal businesses whose funding is because of the partial closure of the federal government. Lowey stated that restoration funding "will help meet the urgent needs of Americans who have recently suffered." Opponent Rep. Kay Granger, R-Texas, stated the invoice to "lack the funding for the thresholds that agents have identified as officials at the frontline" meant that the Senate rejected it appropriately. The vote on January 16 was 237 yuan for 187.
YEAS: Pingree D-Maine (1.), Golden D-Maine (2.)

Home Vote 11:
Home has handed the Regulation on Reporting Effectiveness and Contract Transparency (HR 150), sponsored by Virginia Foxx, R-North Carolina, offered that the Administrative and Finances Workplace issues public standards to collect and disclose common info to federal grant recipients. Foxx stated that the adoption of requirements' reduces compliance; provide instant insight into donor businesses and congresses; and supplies quick access to regulate, evaluation and program analysis. "17. January, the vote was unanimous with 422.
YEAS: Pingree D-Maine (1.), Golden D-Maine (Second)

House Vote 12:
RUSSIA'S BUSINESS SYSTEMS: House has adopted a resolution (HJ Res. 30) sponsored by St. Henyer, D-Maryland, Not Accepting Trump's Management Plan to Stop Sanctions The Russian aluminum business is linked to the Oleg Deripaska venture, which a US-accepted businessman has joined Russian President Vladimir Putin. Hoyer stated that the decision "forced the Treasury to work more thoroughly with Congress to clarify its actions and seek better." On 17 January, the vote was 362 yuan for 53 individuals.
YEAS: Pingree D-Maine (1.), Golden D-Maine (2.)

Senate Votes

Senate Vote 1:
RUSSIA BUSINESS SYSTEMS: The Senate has rejected the cluster motion to end the talk on the resolution (SJ Res 2), sponsored by Senator Chuck Schumer, D-New York. The decision would have rejected the Trump administration's plan to end the sanctions towards Russian aluminum corporations related to the US-permitted, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Oleg Deripaska. Schumer stated that discomfort was needed to take care of a "hard line in Putin" in response to what he referred to as "shameful and suspiciously weak President Putin's approach." Opponent of the resolution, Senator Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, stated that the federal government's plan "appropriately reflects how the US sanctions policy uses intelligent sanctions to change the behavior punished to build the ultimate goals of US politics in Putin's Russia." The vote, January 16, was 57 for 42, and three fifths have been needed to end the talk
YEAS: Collins R-Maine, King I-Maine

Senate Vote 2:
FINANCING ABORTION: Senate is has rejected the clot movement to finish the talk on the proposal to think about a regulation on full disclosure of abortion and abortion insurance coverage funded by taxpayers (S. 109) sponsored by Senate Roger F. Wicker, R-Mississippi. The regulation would forestall federal state funds from using abortion or medical insurance plans that embrace abortion coverage. Exceptions apply to abortions involving rape, assault, or survival of a mom. Supporter, Senator Steve Daines, R-Montana, stated: "We have to defend the most vulnerable and unborn in our society." The vote was on January 17, 48 nights.
NAYS: Collins R-Maine, King I-Maine