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Law on possession of drugs in California

Law on possession of drugs in California

ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Have you ever acquired drugs in California? Allow us to describe the legal course of right here.


Primary Definitions

In California, what does it mean to have been legally accused of possession of drugs? In precept, in case you are charged for possession of drugs, it’s because you use either the substance, an individual, a car, or your home of residence. The State of California acknowledges two differing types of drug possession:

1. Easy possession is if you carry an illegal substance on your own personal use.

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2. The possession of a sale is once you transport an illegal substance meant to be bought to others.

Both crimes result in penalties, but sales are a much more critical crime.

Special laws

Use of adults Description of the Marijuana Act (proposal 64) [1] California Health and Security Code 11350 HS [2] Proposal 47 [3] Uniform Law on Controlled Substance [4]

Legal Process in California

The possession of drugs, how the legal process is performed relies upon on whether you’re charged for an offense, abuse or punishment. Based on the California Felony Law System, the authorized process sometimes follows these 4 primary steps: [5]

STEP 1. The crime is reported

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In order for this entire course of to start, a person should first break the regulation.

STEP 2. Detention

Based on witness info, the police will arrest you. This is often adopted by placement in a county jail where you’ve the opportunity to ask and get guarantees.

STEP three. Prosecutions

The case might be heard in state legal regulation. In courtroom, the county governor describes the fees and proof towards you. Then the decide or jury will give judgment and / or sentence.

STEP four. Repairs

Relying on the prosecution, you could be penalized for jail, group service, fines, state jail and / or different penalties. In case you are underneath the age of 18, your charges can be totally different from those of a authorized adult.

For more info on which nation has been paid for, you’ll be able to contact the Department of Justice on the State of California

Burden of proof

"Burden of proof" is a authorized proof towards proof. In order for the California courtroom in charge you for possession of drugs, they need to outline the next issues with affordable doubt. This consists of evidence of

1. The substance have to be illegal. Whenever you have been arrested, the drug you have been in was taken to the officer and placed in the proof retailer. To ensure that the courtroom to be properly prosecuted, they should have adequate evidence that you’ve truly stored the illegal substance.

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2. You must know that the drugs is against the law. To be able to be correctly prosecuted, you have to be truly recognized or ought to have recognized that the substance you personal is prohibited.

three. You should be in control of that drugs. There have to be evidence that you simply had full management over the illegal substance.


Q: What type of condemnation are you able to anticipate from drug possession in California?

A: It depends totally on your state of affairs

In truth, it's onerous to determine exactly what sort of condemnation you’ll be able to anticipate. A lawyer could be a great help as a result of they will really feel proper. In addition, you could be eligible for a drug courtroom. In case you are fighting drug habit, ask about drug regulation. California drug courts help individuals get remedy for habit … as an alternative of having a punishment. Add here under.

But there are some basic standards for condemnation. Individuals with intentions to promote can anticipate to receive a better penalty than simply personal possession. In truth, individuals who have been caught with drugs for private use are solely accused of abuse beneath the Proposition 47 Act. Even more, some marijuana-like medicines at the moment are legalized in the state. Which means marijuana-free persons usually are not accused until they’ve more than 28.5 grams. After this amount, it turns into illegal underneath proposal 64, and you’re charged with drug trafficking


Most of California's drug laws are milder than other states. For example, many individuals get past marijuana holding charges which were abolished because of new laws. There are three costs for possession of drugs in California:

  1. Infringement
  2. Misunderstanding
  3. Crime

In the Golden State, all private drug property is charged for abuse. These are crimes which might be less critical than robberies and which in turn have less extreme penalties. In case you are accused of first-degree abuse, you get the next penalties:

  • Peak up to $ 1000.
  • Up to 6 months in prison.

who solely get the abuse of drug possession, have the opportunity to testify in a drug courtroom. [6] These are specialized courts that provide options to traditional punishment. Extra specifically, drug remedy and rehabilitation choices. Under is more info

Felony Possession

The state of California has three levels of crime. What the results of this legal offense rely on the crime. One option to perceive the severity of a cost is to determine the drug schedule. You will get a way of attainable punishment either by discussing it with a lawyer or by going to courtroom and discovering out the decide's judgment.

If in case you have possession of a drug to sell or break sure laws, you may be charged a criminal offense. Many occasions, robberies lead to excessive fines, averaging $ 5,000 – $ 10,000, and imprisonment for 2 – 20 years. These special legal guidelines embrace:

  • Aggravation or menace of violence
  • Use of illicit drugs in or near faculty property
  • Distribution of illicit drugs with a minor

In most states, every class of crime may have a hard and fast penalty. In California, nevertheless, things are executed slightly in another way. As an alternative of a strong penalty, California provides judges the liberty to determine on the appropriate penalty based mostly on the defendant's crime.

Drug Schedules

In authorized terms, there are 5 "timetables" or drug classifications which might be designed to put content in phrases of its dangerousness and its probability of abuse. Schedule I drugs are thought-about very harmful. Drug management in Schedule I in California can lead to probably the most severe attainable penalties or sentences. Retaining drugs in Schedule V is considered much less dangerous. The primary drug schedules are as follows:

Schedule I. Medicines with the very best potential abuse and not thought-about acceptable for medical use.

Schedule II. Drugs are thought-about to be the second highest on account of abuses and have authorised medical use. Often with very critical restrictions.

Schedule III. Medicines which have some potential abuse and have accepted medical use. Medical Professionals think about the likelihood of their bodily dependence to be low and average once they have a high psychological danger of habit

Listing IV. Even much less probability of abuse than earlier and accepted medical use.

Schedule V. The smallest potential abuse and authorised by a doctor.

Other penalties

In addition to fines and imprisonment, California typically has penalties that may be lifelong. These penalties again depend on your state of affairs. Depending on the habit, the following penalties are additionally potential in the course of the possession of the drug:

  • Incapability to obtain a state license or certificates
  • Lack of ability to obtain public housing
  • Lack of ability to get a job
  • Incapability to receive scholarships and financial help
  • License suspension, particularly for those who possess a car.
  • Probation.

Various statements such as the drug courtroom

In the case of possession of drugs, the legal system of the state of California is forgiving. It’s because drug habit or habit can also be seen as a psychological well being drawback. As an alternative of dealing with a prison, yow will discover your self in a rehabilitation middle. That is the case when assessing:

  • Individual's Needs
  • Guilt or innocence of an individual
  • Special laws relevant to cost

So, should you have been only in possession of a personal number of illegal substances, you possibly can get a drug courtroom. These are specialised courts to exchange the normal punishment for remedy. As an alternative, CA's drug courts try to convey you back to 30, 60, or 90-day packages. It is in California's interests to reverse the legal objective of drug use, and that’s the reason you’ve the chance to commerce in prison in case you have some constructive effect.

Other Options

In California, there are different options which you could apply after receiving drug possession. Listed here are the authorized arguments you may need to make at sure points during your prosecution. To make these claims efficient, you’ll be able to talk about this with a lawyer.

1. Approaching

In case you are not the primary offender of a violent crime, you’ll be able to solely get pre-vaccination. It may be seen as a probationary period in which you must settle for and be accountable:

  • Drug Checks
  • Can’t Make Other Crimes
  • Group Service
  • Month-to-month Reporting to the Supervisory Authority

2. Approaching

As with pre-training, pre-training is started for many who have previous crimes and who are on the lookout for a trial period. When you settle for this program, you’re chargeable for:

  • Making Different Crimes
  • Drug Abuse Assessments and Assessments
  • Drug Remedy and Rehabilitation
  • Special Courtroom Rules
  • Common Courtroom Appeals

3. "Suppression of Movement"

Depending on the state of affairs, you might have to ask for "movement suppression". On this case, the proof has been obtained illegally and your case will subsequently be mechanically rejected. As a result of many drug detentions are based mostly on police speculation, there are often instances the place encounters are illegal. In an effort to get actual which means in case your state of affairs is fulfilled, you need to talk about certain information with a lawyer.

4. Statement of opposition

For some individuals, it’s in their greatest interests not to get prison or drug remedy. As an alternative, it’s going to continue its life with minimal consequences. If you submit a plea, you negotiate a minimal certificate.

5. Go to courtroom

You could not have been guilty of possession of drugs, which is at present associated together with your identify. In that case, you could need to go to courtroom and plead innocence. You not solely have the opportunity to resolve the difficulty, but you could even win one thing from the state

When to contact a lawyer

Hiring a lawyer might or will not be the perfect. After arrest you could have a common concept of ​​how critical the possession of drugs is. As a result of each case is so distinctive and because California punishes crimes on a case-by-case foundation, a lawyer may be . He has the power to explore these distinctive circumstances and battle for the most effective outcome.

Nevertheless, you could not have the ability to afford a lawyer. In that case, you need to see when you have a right to a public defender. These are free legal professionals who provide authorized advice that you should use to defend yourself.

Need to research a lawyer before you determine. Ensure you have a license and have good critiques of past clients. In case you are in search of more information about a lawyer of interest, you could need to take a look at the California State Bar

Your Question

There are still extra questions about possession of drugs in California? In that case, you possibly can submit them to the comments part under. If in case you have extra details about these legal guidelines or advise those who have violated them, we might also like to hear from you. We attempt to answer all of the feedback shortly and personally

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