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Niacin Part 2: Blood tests, food and supplements

Chris Masterjohn PhD speaks of niacin Part 2: Blood tests, foods and supplements

Part 1 mentioned what niacin is and why it is wanted. Right here is Part 2, where Alex Leaf and I cope with blood checks, food and supplements!

  • How much do we’d like? The RDA has some shortcomings, including the requirement of girls less than men, when all the evidence exhibits that ladies want * extra * than males. 19659004] How niacin in your espresso, seeds and grains is all locked and obtainable, and learn how to launch it with proper preparation. Do you drink mild roasted or darkish roasts? You’ll be able to hate or love this episode… or you possibly can just change espresso.
  • Ought to excessive doses of niacin be taken to decrease ldl cholesterol? Alex has a concept on how we will do it with out getting diabetes. 19
  • High dose niacin may cause liver failure and can kill lab mice. But Alex and I know how to cope with this drawback!
  • NAD-enhancing components are new pricey to the growing older business. But ought to we take nicotinamide riboside (NR), a nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), or ought to we take all of the burning of the entire body? We talk about the promises and issues of those approaches.
  • Why do you have to mix glycine with niacin and trimethylglycine (TMG) with everyone.

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Depart a remark

00:38 Cliff Notes

01:35 Part 1

15:32 Niacin Area Marks

17:32 Methylated Metabolites of Niacin in the Urine as a Sign of Niacin

19:05 Warning of using methylated metabolites of niacin in urine as an indication of the state of niacin

20:16 NAD (H) / NADP (H) ratio of Erythrocytes as a sign of the state of niacin

22:55 Maintaining the number of niacin as a sign of the state of niacin

28:34 Criticism of how Niacin RDA

40:12 How does protein consumption have an effect on the eating regimen of prefabricated niacin [19659012] 42:48 Estrogen regulates the synthesis of niacin from tryptophan

43:35 Notably in males, niacin synthesis from tryptophan can solely be a approach to purify excess tryptophan.

45:31 Basic Discussion on Protein Necessities

49:46 How Totally different Food Remedy Modes, reminiscent of Nexamalization, fermentation and germination, improve niacin bioavailability

52:51 Niacin in Coffee

53:52 Niacin in nutritional yeast

54:16 Niacin sources of food, divided into five levels

59:57 Niacins in herbs and spices, together with spirulina

01:03:46 The share of microbiome in niacin has not been properly studied.

01:04:56 The place Do We Look For Niacin Deficiency Detection

1:05:38 The danger elements for niacin deficiency are Hartnup's disease, the Moonworm, intestinal Mala. Bsorption, Carcinoid tumors, Certain medicine, Alcoholism, HIV / AIDS and iron, riboflavin and B6 deficiencies

01:09:52 Suboptimal Niacin Danger Elements Embrace Uncooked Food regimen Entire Grains, Sugar-Fats Food plan, Low Non- collagen protein-containing food regimen, any cell injury and low ATP degree

01:14:42 How metformin and berberine might have an effect on the niacin state

01:17:28 Impact of leucine and muscle progress on niacin

01:19:54 Prevalence of inadequate consumption of niacin and niacin deficiency

01:24:00 Elements selling niacin toxicity

01:25:08 Use of nicotinic acid to profit blood lipids and scale back danger of coronary heart disease [19659012] 01:31:14 Potential negative effects of nicotinic acid on blood lipid control ova t rinsing, liver injury and growing results.

01: 34:22 Mechanism of Excessive Dose Mechanism of Nicotinic Acid-Induced Insulin Resistance and its Reduction

01:48:01 Nicotine amide riboside insertion rodent research

01:50:58 Human research of nicotinamide riboside addition 19659012] 01:56:32 Why do rodent studies on nicotine amide riboside addition look more promising than human studies

02:04:16 What is the chance that somebody would get longevity by supplementing nicotinamide riboside?

02:05:15 or not Alex and Chris start supplementing niacin after learning this podcast

02:06:17 If somebody with hypercholesterolemia is considering taking nicotinic acid?

02:10:53 Is it necessary to take niacin with food?

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