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[Transcript] – A little known secret replaces your nasal nerve, eliminates constipation, uses nicotine as a bio-hack and much more! – Ben Greenfield Fitness

Basic & Ancestral Tactics to Improve Longevity

A Little-Known Secret To Fix Your Vagus Nerve, Banish Constipation, Use Nicotine As A Biohack & Much More!

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Ben: In this episode of the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast.

Diana: As sick as I am, I wouldn't need anybody, nevertheless it opened the door to insufficient answers. I had to determine what different reasons some individuals may want such help, and it was also part of the journey, but I do know what it takes to take care of it and to take care of it, this tendency to a few of this abnormal inflammation, the injury it may possibly do.

Ben: Health, Efficiency, Vitamin, Longevity, Ancestral Life, Organic Hacking, and More. My identify is Ben Greenfield. Welcome to the present.

Hey, immediately's fairly fascinating podcast about vaginal nerve, constipation, one thing referred to as orthostatic postural blood strain, one thing or different. Anyway, my visitor on the present tonight, Dr. Diana Driscoll arrives there.

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We’re speaking concerning the power of medical high quality. They even have a laptop computer, referred to as Joovv Go, which accurately matches into a small little bag, actually like your pc bag or even a purse. It’s fantastic to get up within the morning, help in the night to sleep. The listing of advantages continues. You possibly can go to their web site to learn more about infrared and pink mild remedy, or go to my website to seek for Joovia, take heed to the podcasts I made with them. But if you wish to get began and get a nice little bonus present at the cashier in Joovv on either the large system or the small or both, you possibly can go to Hi, A few months ago, I discussed in a podcast that I had observed that there was this specific nutrient mix, a couple of compounds, particularly that I found that would really assist help my vagus nerve perform, as I was all the time in search of methods to help the extremely essential nerve that snakes by way of and breathe in so many organs. As a aspect effect it gave me – I feel the best way I described it on that podcast was a great morning pack that crammed the whole rest room bowl repeatedly and on a predictable foundation, which in fact was fairly nice because it's a good factor simply to get it all within the morning and stroll away . Perhaps double rinsing in the process. Sorry if that's the TMI for everybody.

However my podcast guest at immediately's show referred to as Dr. Diana Driscoll, it's DRISCOLL, Driscoll, he's the one that really designed that blend and who is aware of a lot about hell the vaginal nerve and the way it interacts with our physique and the way to help the vaginal nerve and autonomic nervous system perform basically. Now she's an optometrist who went by means of a fairly fascinating health state of affairs that I'll let her fill you in and share with you. However it was accompanied by one thing which will or will not be known as postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. I know it's massive, nevertheless it means POTS, P-O-T-S, or POTS signifies that postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. So, it's a disorder of the autonomic nervous system, and Diana can also be going to fill you in as a result of it's this little-known cause for many issues like continual fatigue and dizziness, poor lung perform and constipation, and a lot of issues.

Diana has been digging for this for years and using her medical expertise and her schooling and information to literally help hundreds and hundreds of people now, not just with kicks but in addition with many others, fatigue and underlying vagal nerve dysfunction. He has written a number of books, all of which I will link to in the featured articles, but of specific importance is the one referred to as “The Driscoll Theory”. And he additionally has a very useful website at,, a great weblog virtually. com, like, and also a choice of the varied vagal nerve compounds he has developed, to which I additionally refer in shows. So yow will discover every thing we talk about at the moment with plenty of notes at It's

Diana, welcome to the show.

Diana: Thanks, Ben. It's so nice to be right here. What an honor. I respect it.

Ben: Sure. I observed that right now sounds a bit hoarse. I consider it’s due to the current smoking pattern you just began, if I’m not mistaken.

Diana: Sure. No. We're talking about nicotine, aren't we? No. Yes, you caught me. I left last night time and danced and listened to a nice band and I swore I wouldn't sing together so I might have my voice this morning, nevertheless it's actually onerous to be. So, please. It's not fairly sounding as regular. We’d like it, yeah.

Ben: It's type of humorous that you simply stated about smoking cigarettes and nicotine because I do know it's a part of your story, especially the nicotine piece. And I’ve spoken in this show prior to now about how typically chew the nicotine gum as a result of a few of the pursuits which it may be nerve exercise and mitochondria. And so, perhaps we will dive into it a little too. But I can go forward of myself. I need to hear a little extra about your story and the way you first came to explore all of this.

Diana: Sure. It was truthfully a long, terrible battle, however I know what I discovered in my battle to finally help so many other individuals as a result of regardless that my state of affairs was so dramatic, it exaggerated a number of the symptoms and indicators that whenever you take it down and not have an effect on so many individuals. And here I feel I can actually assist. But I went to Costa Rica on a mission trip and acquired the virus, however we all had the same virus. It wasn't just like the virus had triggered the illness, however I couldn't pull it off. I had so many strange symptoms once I started that I only had respiration difficulties. It felt like I used to be respiration by way of a straw.

Already in my dream I might wrestle with it. My heart fee was not underneath control. If I have been vertical, it might only compete. My digestion was a factor. Typically food would just sit in my abdomen for hours. And then finally I began shaking. I couldn't deal with temperature modifications. Over time, it morphed and changed. I began dropping my reminiscence, I couldn't manage my ideas, I couldn't even stay awake. At worst, I tried to stay awake for as much as three hours a day.

However typically I had horrible insomnia and was awake for days at a time. And once I received sick, I finally couldn't handle any type of stress. And the stress at the time was even answering a call or meeting with a physician. I couldn't order pizza or something. I was photosensitive, sound sensitive. I was in a bed room with 4 walls and the shades have been drawn. I had eye safety and earplugs as a result of every thing was just too loud, too shiny, too much, and no one might help me. It was terrible. However in all probability the worst part, Ben, was that my youngsters obtained sick and they started to develop comparable symptoms. My son was utterly disabled for three years, however nobody acquired any answers. So, it wasn't the position I needed to be in, however I was pressured to attempt to determine some of it.

Ben: Fascinating. So at that point you might have all these fatigue points happening, and I might imagine most individuals would begin researching – I truthfully imply that one in every of Google's signs, they are experiencing persistent fatigue. They could have provide you with one thing I interviewed about Dr. Sarah Myhill, which you will know, a situation that I – above my head – keep in mind what it calls. He’s a totally different identify for persistent fatigue. I consider it’s MY, myalgic encephalomyelitis, I feel he describes it. I had a entire podcast with him about this. What most individuals provide you with if they are experiencing issues like you have got is a few sort of continual fatigue, which I feel is a bitter time period that is often once you dig in as an alternative of some mitochondrial dysfunction or Lyme infection or mould or different sort of persistent drawback . But I'm interested by what you discovered whenever you started to research this.

Diana: Yes, as a result of my condition didn't start with fatigue, which was actually, actually weird, I assumed. Over time, it developed into fatigue. In reality, initially, the researchers' thoughts – and I used to be in Mayo for up to three years in medical trials. Their ideas have been that we would have liked more train and we had to monitor our diets. We tended to be refurbished, however on the time I used to be very, very reasonable, athletic, and I actually hadn't restored and didn't start from fatigue.

Ben: So, your physician has informed you to get on the treadmill, principally?

Diana: What I did as a result of I really like train and I assumed, "Well, it's going to be great." However I did nothing. It took about two or three years for the fatigue to turn out to be so disabling.

Ben: Properly, was it that lengthy?

Diana: However it didn't begin like that. Yeah. Because of this, I used to be disabled for a decade.

Ben: Oh wow.

Diana: Yes. It was exhausting. It was exhausting.

Ben: Okay. And this was how way back?

Diana: 14 years.

Ben: Fourteen years. So would that mean that something like three or 4 years ago happened?

Diana: Yes. It took several layers of response to assemble everybody. And once I started getting solutions, I began posting them via a weblog. As a patient, I revealed Then lastly got here the "Driscoll Theory" the place I uncovered a few of the underlying things that we came up with. And then it continued, the analysis continued to advance. I based genetic disease researchers and formally started analysis to get answers.

Ben: So, what did you discover? I understand we might have some rabbit holes right here, however I'm just kidding. I can continue to steer you because I feel this is really useful for our listeners. The truth is, I advised my spouse – I was just out in the yard planting rowan berries with my grandsons because I need to see if I can get wild shrimp to develop on the planet. I got here in and pölytin my hand and I can get your PC ready, and I would really like, "Oh, I might have designed myself today, too schedule. I have a lot going on. I got this podcast that I have to go to recording. "And he's like, 'Properly, why did you choose to report this podcast over the weekend? “I advised him because that is something that I feel I actually assist a lot of individuals. I left the best way I do it’s because when I found a job, I noticed how useful this might be for people. So be happy to deviate as deeply as you like. What exactly did you discover?

Diana: Sure. Nicely, we discovered a lot. All what I found, I found one flooring and thought: "Oh, I'm ready. This is it. "No. The situation tended to proceed and develop. There was a second flooring, figured it out. "Ah, ok. We're done. Yehey." No, no, it was more. So, it was years and years. But first I noticed, and it's within the guide, is that this population tends to have uncommon intracranial strain, and it went everywhere in the world. It was actually nice to see the answer from the patients and then lastly from the physician.

Once again it was nice to seek out out nevertheless it wasn't over. We nonetheless needed to get into the bedrock, which was genes for me, which is a entire podcast. , and I feel it covers a giant a part of your viewers as a result of a lot of individuals are susceptible to major inflammation, to me it was genetic, however athletes, or definitely masochistic athletes such as you say, cope with a truthful quantity of infections, aged individuals, and getting older is generally inflammatory. Weight problems and high stress are very inflammatory J so these individuals also can cope with a few of the issues I cope with, or individuals with some sort of autonomic dysfunction cope with a much lower degree.

Ben: Yes. I was going to say, I mean that irritation sometimes doesn't trigger something as drastic as what you’ve gotten described, until it is – it's like excessive-degree continual irritation, saying like utterly pure autoimmune disease or I feel in the event you induce a delicate rhabdo train for a lengthy time period, or something like that, you’d still in all probability have overload syndrome and endocrine dysfunction before you begin experiencing something you've gone by means of. So I feel like it will take a lot of inflammation to cause a pretty significant issue in the long run, like ten years of persistent fatigue.

Diana: It undoubtedly does. And that's not nearly all of individuals, is it? However it was a chance that’s fascinating. When it was so exaggerated in my case and that of my youngsters, it made it simpler to see the remedy response. After which for somebody who, for example, deals with ageing or stress, or anything that’s less exaggerated, it's very straightforward to say, "Oh, I'm getting older. I'm going to be more prone to constipation or brain fog or whatever. "Or," I have a lot of stress. "I hear so much.

But we all know, if a number of the underlying problems cope with comparable shows at a much decrease degree, we might be lively and we will stay so much higher lives. We will develop much smoother if you need. We don't just need to cope with a few of those. "typical things" we see in these individuals. It is typically mistaken and accused of something else. So it was as sick as I’m, I might not want anybody. Truthfully, I hate to undergo it again. However it opened the door to inadequate answers very helpful.

Ben: So the truth that your youngsters handle this too, I doubt why you mentioned that you simply discovered it A few of these gadgets may be genetic?

Diana: Nicely, I founded geneticists because I assumed, "What are chances of getting this, and then both of my kids can end up on this aircraft n some kind of genetic effect? "I assumed," Hopefully we will dig deeper and ultimately come out with the corresponding genes. So, why don't we get validation for struggling? “And secondly, we might help a lot of youthful individuals to stop them from getting sick. It was such a lengthy and troublesome process to try to get these solutions.

Ben: So at this point, you've principally been sick and you had a workforce of researchers that you simply put round that will help you find out why you have been sick? For me, it's nonetheless a bit obscure about what's happening here.

Diana: Right. Now as a affected person I started a firm. I’m, in fact, optometrist. My husband is an optometrist and we had two workplaces. So I assumed we had arrange a start line to search for solutions. As a patient, I find it helpful. We have now two labs, simply because youngsters have influenced it. And we started wanting into the eyes. No one with this standing had ever finished it right earlier than. I assumed I couldn't be this sick with none sign, and the attention is a nice window on systemic disease. That's where I started, however not where we left off. Okay. A lot of the researchers have been individuals you knew. After which actually fascinating, Ben, the Web has changed the research, right? There are docs and researchers who are freelancers. And I really had docs everywhere in the world helping me with research, microbiologists, geneticists. India is the one I proceed to work with at present and it actually helped. So, sure, it was an unimaginable process.

Ben: Okay. So, what happened?

Diana: We received answers. We’ll proceed to obtain solutions. We are still learning genetics immediately. However throughout my restoration and as sick as I was, my son was notably unwell. He's making an attempt to waste. He developed osteoporosis. He was nine years previous. So the youngsters are doing fantastic. I'm superb.

Ben: However you're shifting your self forward. What did you might have? Like Did you get the analysis?

Diana: Nicely, it's fun because I feel that's one of the issues with this. And even my mom stated, "So what do you finally diagnose?" So I can inform my sister and go, "Well, that's one of the problems." We don't have the precise labels. for a lot of of these genetic settings. We work in the direction of proper labeling because docs sometimes label the disease and then treat it based on the label. And when you have a label like I did with POTS, POTS is just not a disease, it is a symptom. It's a symptom of one thing else, and it’s a must to discover out that something else and then label them. And it's a process.

Ben: I feel we have to go for a minute right here, as a result of I really don't assume you've described exactly what POTS is and even what it needed to do with what you got. [19659020] Diana: Sure. POTS is an unbiased malfunction. The autonomic nervous system is the physique's system. You shouldn't have to consider it. It controls automated processes such as respiration, or heart price, blood strain, digestion, and tears. All of these are thought-about automated. And when this technique breaks down, you get sick. So there are numerous reasons for pots. There are lots of causes for dysautonomy and it’s a must to begin from the top and work by means of it. For example, ALS or Parkinson's are illnesses, are neurological circumstances that start to seem first on POTS. You need to rule out different neurological problems, some autoimmune illnesses that have an effect on the receptors, et cetera, et cetera.

It's very frustrating. I acquired two great textbooks on autonomic dysfunction once I was sick and went by way of them and my presentation was not there. I assumed, "How is this even possible?" A lot needs to be revealed, and we'll reveal more in the publications as we go. So, it's a process, and you must be careful about the best way you launch info once I discover out.

Ben: Sure. It's sort of mysterious, but I feel –

Diana: That's a bit.

Ben: Up to now, once I researched one thing POTS-sort – particularly, I have had a number of the athletes labored with those that have been unusually dizzy once they have risen in line to stand. They get this high coronary heart price rise and get in need of breath. And sometimes it has to do with working too exhausting, typically with dehydration or a little electrolyte. Typically it can be based mostly on hormonal perform and the amount of aldosterone and cortisol they’ve within the system. However it applies to every little thing I find out about pots. And it seems like you’re saying that what you and your baby felt about this lengthy-time period persistent fatigue was a type of POTS?

Diana: Proper. Properly, we undoubtedly had POTS, however once more, it was only one symptom. I feel the individuals you photograph are probably the most famous of the docs, if it's quite transient, whether or not it's dehydration or astronauts getting POTS, which is sort of cool once they're out in area and lacking in gravity to do so. But that's not what we have been coping with. The excessive salt ranges they've tried, the strain hoses are simply artificially sluggish-down heart and didn't do anything. In truth, if anything, we have been simply getting worse. We’ve to dig deeper. One thing we discovered once we uncovered this tendency to abnormal intracranial strain was that finally the vaginal nerve was not working and we had to work it out.

Ben: Okay. So how do you know your nasal nerve didn't work? How was it recognized?

Diana: Yes. Properly, I had some doubts about it as a result of my heart started racing at the similar time my bowels didn't work properly. And I feel at any given time, both methods of the body work at about the same time. It’s a must to take that under consideration. What do they have in widespread? And at that time, I was considering wrapping the vaginal nerves in my neck. At the moment we did vascular checks. I didn't know if it was proper, but I was headed with it. But I acquired to the point where I couldn't have bowel motion. And that's in all probability what you heard the place it had been, oh, about 11 days, I had no bowel movement. And I had some obscure ache within the decrease proper corner of my stomach. I didn't know what it was, but I had tried every part to maintain the bowels in motion, not one in every of them.

So I went to see my physician and he had nothing new to offer. But he stated, "Your pain might have kidney stones." It doesn't sound right, however it's okay. And he sent me to the urologist, who gave me this dye to drink, devastating issues, and he requested me for stones, and I had no stone. But I informed him once I was considering the vaginal nerve. I asked him if there ache in the fitting lower part to the ileocecal valve, and a thickness between the small gut valve, and if it might be blocked. And one other one which was fascinating –

Ben: A quite common source, by the best way, is the ileocecal valve dysfunction, the individuals who take psyllium bark and magnesium and get a squat pot and do all this stuff they hear about constipation. I feel that many individuals don’t perceive the anatomical interaction with the ileocecal valve dysfunction, which contributes to the overgrowth of the small intestine by bacteria, wouldn’t it, whether it is typical caught-open state. And then, whether it is closed, I have found very shut collectively psoan and iliacus muscle with an anatomical impact of poor bowel perform and constipation.

And I got here across this so typically within the athletic inhabitants. You’d be shocked. It’s possible that 60-70% of the lively people and athletes I work with complain of some type of constipation. And in many instances, they do all the fitting issues from a food plan and supplement perspective. And you then dig down and take a look at the anatomy, and a lot of it comes from what it sounds like it's the same thing you found right, this ileocecal valve query. And so, I feel it will be fascinating for those who might clarify to individuals how it pertains to vagal nerve perform.

Diana: Proper, as a result of it's straightforward to assume that, okay, the valve that controls the chair, Of ​​course, to go away the small intestine and go to the colon, that's essential. I respect that valve very much. As you stated, Ben, if it is caught, you’ll get stool re-excretion within the small intestine. It's really dangerous. And you’re more prone to SIBO, you are not cetera. And if it hangs, as in my case, then you possibly can't have normal bowel movement.

So once I hear issues like what you just stated about individuals who have these continual problems, it's exactly the kind of inhabitants I take a look at and go to, "okay. They don't have pots, they don't have continual fatigue, what do you’ve gotten, however might they have sufficient inflammation if it's at the coronary heart of a number of the problems that include it? “And it is undoubtedly potential. But feces strikes via the intestine, which stimulates the opening of the valve. It isn’t a drawback instantly associated to the vaginal nerve, but the vaginal nerve controls the peristalsis or motion of the stool in query. So, it’s a must to get things shifting to ensure that the valve to open.

Ben: Right. The vaginal nerve can be incredibly helpful to what’s known as gastroenterology, gastric motility, which hyperlinks to this other thing referred to as the wandering motor complicated, such as the trapezoidal complicated method of cleaning your digestive tract. It begins at the prime of the small gut to small muscle tissues of the colon. However it is triggered by vaginal nerve alerts. And so, I feel what you get right here is vaginal nerve triggering. The transient engine complicated, a part of that movable engine complicated, would include ileocecal valve features. So, if for some cause there’s a poor nervous system that may affect gastric motility, partially by limiting the power of the ileocecal valve to perform properly, and I know part of this is also associated to the motor motor complicated, bile production and gallbladder and liver perform.

And so, a lot of this stuff might be numerous, but in lots of instances I see individuals who have constipation or low mobility, have poor bile manufacturing and want some quantity of liver and gall bladder help. But then, in fact, it's the complicated a part of your complete ileocecal valve that has modified the best way you move, where you must help it. And it comes with some nasty nerve-management tips that can be included. And I feel that was originally once I was in search of the ileocecal valve, I discovered an interview or an article you wrote, I overlook what it was, this was a couple of months ago, and I needed to schedule a podcast because it looks like you've found a pretty good way with that ileocecal valve. And I feel it might be that the nicotine came into the picture for you. Am I right?

Diana: That's completely true. I'm fortunate because once I noticed the urologist and he made me drink this dye and stuff, I didn't have kidney stones. But unusually, three days later, I didn't torture you, Ben, I acquired kidney stones. I referred to as him and thought he thought I was a nut, but I stated to him, “You stated I have no stones. I understood. I didn't do it three days in the past, however I do now. “He met me in the hospital and removed the stone. And once I awoke, he stood really close to me and stated, "Diana, you're right, it's your ileocecal valve." And I stated, "How did you know?" He stated, "Well, that dye I gave you three days ago, it is still there, but everything has swelled to the valve. "

So, we knew it was an ileocecal valve. Sure, but he still didn't know what to do about it. So I used to be in an emergency. I had prokinetics, nothing. Ja minut asetettiin periaatteessa tilanteeseen, jossa kukaan menin auttamatta. Ja jopa lähetti minut kirurgin puoleen nähdäksesi venttiilin avaamisen. Ja kirurgi sanoi: "Voi ei." Hän vastasi: "Diana, jos luulet tämän olevan vagushermoon liittyvää, älä koskaan tee vatsanleikkausta, ellei se ole hengenvaarallinen, koska leikkaamme oikein näiden hermojen läpi." Menin: "Voi , minun. ”” Me aiheutimme mahalaukun pareesin ”, hän sanoi. Joten arvostin sitä rehellisyyttä, mutta minulla ei ollut vastauksia.

Joten menin kotiin, ja pohjimmiltaan makasin sängyssä menossa: ”Mitä nyt? Mitä teen? ”Ajattelin takaisin koulussa oppiessaan emättimen hermosta, ja tämä oli ollut vuosikymmeniä sitten. Tarkoitan vuosikymmeniä, mutta koska olen tottunut kokonaisuuteen, muistin sen tutkimisen ja menemisen: "No, emättimen hermossa on kaksi osaa, preganglioninen osa, joka kulkee aivoista kaulassa alas rintaonteloon ja sitten alas vatsaseen onkalo. Se on kehon pisin kallonhermo. Ja sitten on pieni aukko, ja siellä on pieni posganglioninen vagushermo. ”Ja muistan opettajan sanovan, että postganglioninen vagushermo on niin pieni. It’s virtually a part of the organ itself.

I do not know why I remembered these words, however I assumed, “Okay. I think I still have that. I’d never had surgery. Hopefully, that little tiny nerve is still there.” So, I needed to attempt to stimulate that postganglionic vagus nerve, and I assumed, “Okay. Nerves work once they’re, in fact, they’re triggered and the nerve impulse, if you will, travels down the nerve, and on the end of the nerve, it releases a chemical. A neurotransmitter hops across the synapse and it lands on a receptor and it stimulates an action.

So, I assumed, “Okay. What is the neurotransmitter that that vagus nerve uses?” I’m like, “Well, that one’s easy. The vagus nerve is the only nerve in the body that’s called the nicotinic acetylcholinergic nerve. The reason we call it nicotinic is that the imitator of that neurotransmitter agonist is nicotine. So, I called my husband and asked him to swing by the drug store on the way home and bring me a nicotine patch. He thought, “What the heck are you doing?” But he was used to me performing some experiments on my physique. I stated, “I’ll explain it when you get home.” However I didn’t know if it mattered where I put it, but I put it over this aspect of the ileocecal valve. Again, I didn’t really know what I was doing.

Ben:  That appears intuitive though.

Diana:  Nicely, it appeared proper to me, however I pictured the nicotine going via the pores and skin because it’s transdermal, in fact, and it goes by way of the tissue. And I pictured it landing on, hopefully, the postganglionic vagus nerve and then perhaps stimulating something. Positive enough, about an hour, hour and a half later, issues started to move, that valve opened, regular bowel movement. I was like, “What?” I used it once more, truly, four days in a row.

Ben:  And that’s once you turned a chain smoker.

Diana:  That’s right. Nicely, you already know what, the nicotine, I couldn’t hold using it because nicotine, in fact, isn’t all roses and butterflies because it will possibly activate some inflammatory cells, neutrophils and macrophages. It appeared like my abdomen was purple and it was itching and like hearth ants or something. So, I knew I couldn’t maintain using it, however I discovered so much from that. I discovered that, one, all the analysis in POTS to that day, it was saying it was an autoimmune situation affecting the receptors. It’s like, nope, receptors have been nice. It wasn’t getting the sign. So, either it was a preganglionic vagus nerve drawback, or it was a neurotransmitter drawback. And that difference, Ben, is so important because as it turned out, it wasn’t a vagus nerve drawback per se. It was a drawback with the neurotransmitter, and you will have to be able to work out that distinction to get as wholesome as you’ll be able to.

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I need to speak in a second right here about supporting regular acetylcholine by means of methods apart from a nicotine patch or a pack of Marlboros. But what you commented on relating to nicotine, I need to ensure that doesn’t fly underneath the radar for people. I’ve, in fact, talked about earlier than within the podcast how I’ll chew a couple pieces of the four milligram Lucy brand nicotine gum on many days. And levels of dopamine and norepinephrine and serotonin can all improve with nicotine utilization, which is one purpose why it can be highly addictive and why it might long-term lead to some quantity of neurotransmitter imbalances if overused.

On the similar time, there are a lot of research on it for enhancing attention and reminiscence and focus. It’s been appeared into in rodent models as a preventative for things like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It’s somewhat neuroprotective when it comes to with the ability to scale back irritation in neural tissue. And also you’re right, at low doses, it sort of suppresses irritation. Truly, appearing via that cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway. But then in greater doses, it might improve levels of some professional-inflammatory cytokines.

Relating to the gut, it’s again fascinating as a result of it’s derived from the alkaloid family in excessive doses. It might worsen the gut, particularly in similar sort of people who are nightshade delicate like–Tom Brady in all probability doesn’t use nicotine, for instance. Nevertheless, it’s capable of improve the thickness of the mucus within the colon and will help out a little bit with gut points in some instances. So, it’s a type of issues the place it appears fairly useful in low doses with rare use. After which high frequent doses seem to offer a regulation of diminishing returns, and ultimately, it turns into extra harmful.

So, when it comes to nicotine, you in all probability made a good choice deciding to not use a nicotine patch on your ileocecal valve the rest of your life. But what did you determine to do as an alternative?

Diana:  Right. And I did need to comment on that. It’s such a good point, Ben. Actually, nicotine has been shown to help forestall or deal with ulcerative colitis. And such as you stated, it works by means of that acetylcholine pathway. So, I had thought since I couldn’t continue to use it, and like I stated, I might have had to make use of it day-after-day, that I assumed it’d be nice to determine a way of arising with, say, an oral mixture of dietary supplements, would that even be potential, the place it might do the same factor, trigger that postganglionic vagus nerve if you’ll, based mostly acetylcholine, however not have that adverse effect for me of activating the inflammation. And it’s in all probability, to a point, it was more inflammatory in my body because I genetically wrestle with irritation. It was fairly dramatic response. Not a good response.

I needed to determine something else, however I knew we have been onto something. I had some objectives. First, I needed it to be produced from supplements that have been already deemed protected by the FDA. I knew we couldn’t wait round for a new drug to be developed, and it wasn’t inconceivable. However I additionally needed it to work despite any genetic points with, say, the body’s potential to fabricate acetylcholine. Once I first was going by way of that, and because it was genetic illness investigators, I assumed, “Maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s why we can’t make this work. We can’t make enough acetylcholine.” And that did affect some individuals, nevertheless it wasn’t the majority. It was about 1 at each 50. But I needed workarounds for that, so individuals didn’t need to know their genes.

After which I needed to ensure it stimulated that postganglionic vagus nerve, identical to nicotine lifeless. And the only approach I might affirm that it was stimulated that point was on the lookout for a bowel motion. So, we ran medical trials. And if the subject had a bowel motion shortly after taking it, we knew it was possible additionally stimulating the gallbladder, the pancreas, et cetera, as you had stated. And then finally, I needed it to cross the blood-mind barrier to assist cognition. One cause I had gotten so sick and contributed to so much mind fog, I couldn’t hold a lot of balls within the air mentally, I couldn’t even make it to do record, truthfully, of three things, and I was just too mentally fatigued. I finally couldn’t stay away as a result of I didn’t have sufficient acetylcholine launch from my mind either. So, I sat in my kitchen and tried to make use of my previous natural chemistry information to attempt to put together enough to cover all of those, and hoping and praying I received it right. I gave it to my son and I took it, too. It was really a journey.

Ben:  I feel that’s what I heard you talking about in an interview. Truly, I ordered this complement that you simply designed, these things referred to as Parasym, P-A-R-A-S-Y-M. I’ll hyperlink to that within the shownotes for individuals over at, if you want to test it out and see what the ingredient label and every little thing seem like. It arrived to my house and I appeared at the label. I may need a few questions for you concerning the components in it, however that was the complement that I took and mentioned in that podcast shortly after the fact that I took in the morning once I awoke. And like right after I took it, I went and did my regular morning stretch routine and my cup of espresso, did all the things as standard, but my bowel movement was–it felt like–nicely, it felt like my ileocecal valve was opened really. That’s what it felt like.

I even, because I wish to immerse myself in this stuff and attempt it out, I then the subsequent day didn’t take the Parasym, and as an alternative, put a nicotine patch over the ileocecal valve as you had carried out, and it elicited very comparable effects. So, obviously, this factor was engaged on vagal nerve perform and gastric motility in the best way that you’ve described. But when it comes to how it truly works, I might love so that you can get into the components you discovered that allowed for this cholinergic stimulus and this type of parasympathetic stimulation of the vagus nerve that resulted in increased gastric motility.

Diana:  Yeah. Again, it was such a process as a result of like I discussed, first, I assumed perhaps that is a genetic challenge. So, making an attempt to review genes–and we don’t know individuals’s genes. You may have a drawback with what seems to be the vagus nerve, and it’s truly a drawback with acetylcholine manufacturing because of these genetic setups. So, that was one of many first issues I studied. So, I needed to have workarounds for that, and that was included in there. However a few of the genes I looked at, like there’s something referred to as a CHAT gene, and it deals with the enzyme that helps– [00:45:22] ______ far more geekiness and anyone needs to know of it.

The best way we provide you with acetylcholine inside the body is the acetyl group comes from something referred to as acetyl CoA. And we use a particular enzyme to break off the acetyl group from acetyl CoA to tie it into choline. And some individuals have a gene that forestalls them from doing that nicely. And we’ve had a couple of patients at POTS care who had that gene, and boy, it modified their lives as a result of they never have regular bowel movements throughout their lives. So, I had to figure out a totally different enzyme, a totally different pathway, a totally different place to get an acetyl group from. And I also needed to cover for nutrient malabsorption if we get–and it’s ironic that we often end up with nutrient malabsorption when the vagus nerve just isn’t working properly as a result of the pancreas doesn’t work properly, the gallbladder, stomach acid manufacturing, peristalsis, et cetera. How ironic is that?

So, if we get low in certain nutritional vitamins, like B1, for example, we will’t make enough acetylcholine. We needed to cover for that. After which I needed to also put in something that works towards the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine. Once we produce acetylcholine, you don’t need it regularly, and that snaps simply firing that receptor. Your body has to interrupt it down normally. But we needed to pause it to help multiply, if you’ll, the amount of acetylcholine within the synapse. We put a few of that in there, too. On the similar time, you don’t need to use too much, or else the receptors begin to shut down. They really feel like, “Oh, we got plenty acetylcholine. It’s more than I need.”

So, the stability was necessary, too. It wasn’t even simply the elements in there, however making an attempt to provide you with the best stability to stimulate the nerve, however not overstimulate, if you’ll. That was essential. And once I heard your story about filling the bowl, it simply cracked me up. I received to inform you, it simply cracked me up. I assumed that’s fascinating because it’s not a laxative. It’s not a stool softener or something. It doesn’t make you might have a bowel movement. It allows a regular bowel motion by permitting the vagus nerve to work properly. So, it’s a trace that something’s up. When you’ve got a dramatic response to nicotine as I did, or to Parasym Plus, then there’s a cause for that, and I had to determine what different causes might some individuals need that sort of help, and that was also part of that part of the journey.

Ben:  Okay. Acquired it. So, you set together this formulation, this listing of components and received into this in encapsulated type and the label. You actually have a proprietary blend. So, it’s unclear to me the exact milligrams. I perceive that you simply even have about three years of analysis and testing and a patent on this thing, so I perceive the proprietary angle. But a few of the first components are principally Huperzine, and Acetyl-L-carnitine, and a form of choline, Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine.

I’ve seen other compounds. In all probability the one that’s most popular is, for example, one which I had available, Onnit Alpha Brain, which has a lot of Huperzine in it and is used as a nootropic. That was one that I used to be acquainted with prior to now as an acetylcholine Huperzine help. But does your product differ from a lot of these in style nootropics that folks may have already got in their cupboards? As a result of I do know lots of this stuff are also used due to their results on the vagal nerve and on neurotransmitter manufacturing for nootropic use. And I’m curious if individuals might just double up and use the same factor for ileocecal valve perform.

Diana:  Properly, I feel a part of the trick, and why it took us so long to tug all this collectively and doing the medical trials, et cetera, was the blend was essential. Again, we don’t need to use too much Huperzine because the receptor does shut down and that’s not good lengthy-term. We didn’t need it to cross the blood-mind barrier, and that’s actually necessary, however it acquired a patent as a result of the blend was distinctive, and there isn’t any actual competition out there. This was a new discovery. In any other case, you don’t obtain patents. Patent attorneys are robust. They are robust scientists. However I knew my science and was capable of–you apply for a patent and then they argue it. And I used to be capable of know that science is fallacious and for this reason that is distinctive.

So, it was a lengthy journey and I don’t know what individuals have in their cabinets, however this was a new discovery and it was blended in simply the fitting approach to accomplish not just the vagus nerve, nevertheless it also, and cause we call it Parasym Plus because it boosts the parasympathetic nervous system. Plus, it crossed the blood-brain barrier to assist us with acetylcholine. And apparently, on the finish of the trials, it took about four to 6 weeks, Ben, however we observed the persistent dry eyes have been going away, and this was all so unique. And we acquired a second patent only recently for that.

Ben:  Yeah. I need to ask you concerning the eyes in a second, but I ought to word, as someone who has used nootropics for some amount of time, that nootropics have been comparable elements, notably the alpha brain and the merchandise from Qualia or Neurohacker Collective Qualia Focus and Qualia Mind, whereas being unbelievable nootropics never actually gave me that growing gastric motility that I experienced once I took the Parasym. And apparently, I did discover a cognitive decide-me-up too once I took and an increase in HRV, possible, because of the stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system.

And so, there’s something happening here that’s separate from a nootropic when it comes to the link to gastric motility, although the Parasym seems to even be appearing as a little bit of a nootropic as properly. However relating to the eyes, I feel one factor I needed to ask you was I do know that–you talked about the eyes are–I feel you stated the eyes are the window to well being or something like that. You possibly can see other things in the eyes, notably, relating to the autonomic nervous system. Have been you monitoring anything like that as properly like pupil measurement, pupil flickering, anything like that?

Diana:  We weren’t at the time. We have been so targeted on the gut for therefore long. And like I stated, it wasn’t until the top of this research we realized, “Oh, look what just happened.” The dry eyes went away. But what I discovered, one thing that’s actually sensitive to that is pupil measurement. And at POTS Care, once we see patients are available, their pupils are as huge as a house, we know, one, they feel horrible. But that’s often the very first thing to reply is pupils. The only thing that may change pupil measurement, if the sunshine is identical, is the autonomic nervous system.

So, the sympathetic nervous system, that battle-or-flight system makes pupils giant. And the parasympathetic makes them small. When these two are out of stability, the pupil measurement appears too giant. And other people get real mild-sensitive, too. We see some individuals just sporting sun shades indoors. We did find, ever since we’d opened POTS Care, it’s been about 4 years now, that pupils responded very– properly, first, very early in the course of, however it was truly more repeatable than heart price variability. Heart fee variability was a little bit finicky. It’s very sensitive. Even should you’re doing a math drawback in your head, your coronary heart price variability can change. Pupils have been a little less finicky than that. It was a little bit extra dependable method of awaiting response.

So, yeah, we do take a look at the eyes. And again, I feel that’s a method I was capable of get some solutions that had been missed by others is being an eye fixed doctor. It was unique to think about a few of these circumstances from that facet. However, for example, the acetylcholine drawback, there’s one thing referred to as anticholinergic poisoning, which we haven’t been poisoned, or I assume you haven’t been poisoned. However we will oftentimes present similarly, where we find yourself with comparable symptoms, constipation, tachycardia, delayed gastric emptying, et cetera, sort of nervousness. My gallbladder shut down. They needed me to remove it. The ejection fraction was 8%, and I assumed this just doesn’t make any sense. It sounds neurological to me, and it was. Yeah. We glance in the eyes first and that starts. It doesn’t finish the method, however it did get some solutions that different individuals had missed.

Ben:  Okay. Acquired it. Now, relating to once more sort of the quantification piece, I feel many individuals who need to go about this in a systematized style is perhaps curious if they either have a genetic difficulty that might affect acetylcholine production, or some other problem when it comes to, let’s say lack of the power to have the ability to break down acetylcholine correctly, or anything like that. Is there some type of exams that can inform individuals if they have some sort of acetylcholine drawback?

Diana:  There isn’t any blood check for acetylcholine, which is likely one of the issues. Docs are educated to recognize poor acetylcholine launch or anticholinergic poisoning, if you will, by presentation. You must recognize the signs. So, if somebody exhibits up in the emergency room with some of these signs, they need to know, “Oh, this could be anticholinergic poisoning.” But when we haven’t been poisoned, truthfully, they by no means assume in phrases, or I discovered pretty much never assume when it comes to might this be a drawback with acetylcholine. It simply wasn’t really on the radar.

The two genes that I thought-about, I just needed to seek out workarounds for them. There are genetic exams, which is awesome. Even 23andMe can decide up one or two of them and individuals can know if they’ve a problem. However in Parasym Plus, I just put the workaround in. At the time, I didn’t even know if I might’ve had a gene with acetylcholine. Finally, I didn’t, but we simply worked round it that approach and simply tried to put it all in there so individuals didn’t have to break it all down by themselves to figure it out. I want there was a great blood check for that. That might be really great. However we now have to take a look at the presentation.

Ben:  Yeah. Neurotransmitter testing may be troublesome. I mean, only for primary neurotransmitter testing, and I even have a whole chapter on neurotransmitter and neurotransmitter stability in my e-book–my ebook doesn’t come out for a few months after this podcast comes out. It’s referred to as “Boundless” over at, shameless plug, But in that guide, I discussed Eric Braverman’s check for neurotransmitter perform, which is like an internet quiz you possibly can take for things like acetylcholine dominance, dopamine dominance, totally different neurotransmitter deficiencies, et cetera.

I’ve discovered that one to be somewhat accurate. And in my case with my testing, it did reveal that I do have some issues with acetylcholine stability. And me being a arduous-charging athlete for therefore lengthy, I’m positive that contributed to the difficulty, and also to a few of the parasympathetic dysfunction as properly. Whenever you throw in the extremely tight core, tight psoas, and a number of the other anatomical points that can influence ileocecal valve perform and gastric motility along with excess sympathetic nervous system stimulation in a fed state, which can limit bile manufacturing and hydrochloric acid manufacturing, it’s sort of like a good storm for gut points or constipation.

And so, I think that’s why these things appeared to work so properly for me. Hopefully, that may give individuals a few good assets wanting up like Braverman check, for example. I feel it’s, however I’ll hunt it down and put it within the shownotes. However another thing I needed to ask you about was how long to take these things because principally, I went by means of a bottle. I don’t have any more up in my cupboard. Nevertheless, it appeared to–I understand this one as you’re capturing yourself in the foot, nevertheless it appeared to sort of like assist me after simply going by way of one bottle. So, is that this one thing like individuals take for the remainder of their life? I noticed that that’s a tough question if you’re the one that income from and makes the supplement, but I need to ask it anyhow. And I’m just curious what you’ve discovered as far as–is a factor simply jumpstart you, or is this one thing you’re taking for your entire life, or does it range?

Diana:  Properly, it’s going to differ definitely because people who have, say, genetic issues with acetylcholine, for example, don’t all the time need help. Individuals like me who have genetic points with inflammation, we’re going to all the time need assistance. However I like you. I acquired to the point the place I wasn’t fatigued anymore. I assumed my bowel movements have been ok. Isn’t a couple of occasions a week ok? And as it turned out, it wasn’t. I was within the hospital a few years in the past and they gave me an antibiotic that activates inflammation and it was simply horrifying. Every thing simply went down a thousand occasions.

However I developed pancreatitis, finally, once I was off of it. I used to be simply hoping and praying that getting again on it might be adequate to offer me some help there, and it began to turn around in two days. The vagus nerve, in fact, is the anti-inflammatory pathway of the body. And that wasn’t my research. That was Kevin Tracey from the Feinstein Institute has figured that out and launched that.

So, for me, who’s, I’m someone who’s set up genetically for plenty of inflammation, it’s going to be perpetually, and that’s okay. We will battle back. I’ve been dealt a genetic hand that isn’t enviable. However as lengthy as I’ve things I can work on, that’s completely superb. The cognitive effects of–as I mentioned earlier, have been great. It’s one cause my husband takes it. But completely, I feel it’s a person cause. Everyone’s totally different for having it work, and we’ve got to know what the reason being.

One of the causes that we found that, say, typically just stimulating the vagus nerve, which may be great, proper, like splashing cold water or meditating or chewing, et cetera. That ought to stimulate a normal vagus nerve. However there are some situations the place it gained’t work. One is if there’s injury to the nerve, is should you stimulate it, sort of consider it like stimulating on the prime. The impulse should travel down the nerve. But when it’s damaged sooner or later, this doesn’t make it to the top, and the acetylcholine isn’t launched, and the vagus nerve is such a lengthy nerve. It’s very susceptible to wreck.

So, these individuals will doubtless want some help all the time. The parents, as I discussed, with genetic points and acetylcholine, they’ll all the time need help. However individuals like me, and I feel that is what was new for most individuals, is that some inflammatory cytokines block the release of acetylcholine. And if that’s the case, you possibly can stimulate that nerve or attempt to stimulate it and nothing happens. I had one advantage in getting a clue into that as a result of as an eye fixed doctor, I knew it was a risk due to the analysis in an eye fixed illness referred to as Sjogren’s syndrome. It’s an inflammatory eye illness that causes dry eye. And the lacrimal nerve is affected by that inflammation. You’ll be able to stimulate that lacrimal neve ’til the cows come residence. Nothing happens. The acetylcholine doesn’t get launched.

So, if a nerve is supposed to supply acetylcholine just like the vagus nerve or the lacrimal nerve to supply tears, for instance, is affected by certain inflammatory cytokines like interleukin 6 or interleukin 1 beta, for example. Then should you stimulate the nerve, it’s unable to release the acetylcholine, then we’re sort of up a creek. So, if the irritation is episodic, say it’s an intense masochistic triathlon, just saying, then if the inflammation goes systemic and it tends to final too long, it will possibly work towards some of your efforts to be wholesome, and you need to naturally attempt to control that irritation. The vagus nerve helps with that.

So, I don’t really know, say in your case, Ben, was that an on the spot that your irritation was simply actually excessive for whatever cause it might be? I know, however it can be robust to determine. So, yeah.

Ben:  Received it. Received it. So, when it comes to your case, where are you at right now as far as you and your youngsters? You guys fairly much cross all this, or are you continue to digging?

Diana:  Thanks for asking. First, the youngsters are doing nice, which I want I had had a crystal ball once we have been going by way of this. I imply, three of us have been so sick. My husband was the only one who was nicely, and we had no answers and no concept what was going to occur. But they’re all doing great. And my son, apparently, is in school and is athletic now. And that was–we didn’t see that within the playing cards years in the past.

But as far as the digging we’re doing is digging for extra of the genes responsible, so individuals don’t should undergo what we did of floundering without a good analysis, with out a label that we’d like, and without some heads-up early on that if we don’t care for some issues that we might develop into sick. So, we’re excellent specialists at maintaining our well being, however I do know what it takes to take care of it and stay on prime of that, that propensity for a few of this irregular inflammation, the injury it could actually do.

So, it’s on ongoing as far as maintaining it. But the way of life is regular, which is great. Genetic illness is going full steam forward though as a result of there are so many different individuals we need to assist. And this isn’t the top of it. There are lots of totally different reasons for individuals to have problems with the autonomic nervous system and the associated circumstances like persistent fatigue syndrome, et cetera. We need to get more solutions from extra individuals. So, that’s what we’re working on now.

Ben:  Properly, it’s a fascinating story. I found it extremely useful for myself, and I’m actually hoping that individuals who pay attention in who have comparable points may discover some benefit right here from each your web site where you’ve got some actually good articles and interviews, and also your supplementation program for vagal nerve perform, and for the issues that we’ve been discussing, notably this Parasym Plus stuff. What I will do for people is I’ll put a link in the shownotes to Parasym. I don’t keep in mind, Diana, and you possibly can remind me, did we’ve a discount code that we had obtainable for anyone for the Parasym?

Diana:  Yes.

Ben:  And in that case, do you recall what it was?

Diana:  No.

Ben:  Okay. Alright. Ought to we make one up on the spot and then you possibly can simply have your tech group or whatever ensure that it’s lively? Will that work?

Diana:  Yeah. I feel he’s already made it up. I just don’t know what it is.

Ben:  Okay. This is perhaps annoying to people, but what I’ll do is I’ll seek out that low cost code as a result of I feel Diana’s right, I feel we had one up to now and I don’t keep in mind what it was. However I will hunt it down and we’ll put the low cost code within the shownotes for everybody. And that’s going to be at, And I’ll also embrace links to Diana’s web site, and a entire bunch of different assets that we talked about, like my podcast with Sarah Myhill and different podcasts that I did on “32 Different Ways To Support The Vagus Nerve” as a result of obviously, taking a multimodal strategy to this is typically very useful.

But when you simply are involved that you simply may need ileocecal valve issues, I might say top-of-the-line things you may do is take these things, help vagal nerve perform, do a little bit of psoas and deep tissue work across the valve and around the psoas. You could be fairly stunned at what can happen with out having to take yet one more spherical of psyllium husk at night time earlier than you go to bed or something like that. So, Diana, thanks so much for approaching the show and for sharing all these things with us. It’s simply completely fascinating.

Diana:  Nicely, thank you, Ben. I really respect, one, the chance, and two, I recognize individuals such as you who are prepared to stay your neck out to get solutions for individuals and sharing what you study. I do know our efforts here have all the time been very grassroots because it was just sufferers making an attempt to assist each other, however you’re revealing and sharing so much to help individuals be their absolute best and be their healthiest. I know as one, I definitely respect the efforts it takes to try this because you had to be sensible about it, and you’re. Actually, if I didn’t know you have been a jock, then I might assume you have been a geek like me.

Ben:  Undoubtedly. A lot of individuals assume I’m a jock and I feel I made a mistake painting myself as such, however I’m as an alternative a man who just likes to delve into a variety of totally different bodily and mental activities, and I’m a fixed seeker, and as a end result, discover myself thrown into many jock-esque situations. However I am not genetically skilled at just about anything bodily. I’ve to work my ass off for it, which might be one of many reasons like, issues like physical events appeal to me because I like things I’ve to work arduous for and things that come straightforward.

For me, for example, some that comes very straightforward is writing, right? I can write and edit and it just flows out of me. My spouse will sit in entrance of a clean web page for hours, and I don’t even get it. But then on the similar time, my spouse will go tick off a 5-minute mile after being a runner in school. And that sort of stuff just comes naturally to her. So, I feel everyone has their distinctive skillset. However yeah, I might say I in all probability am extra of a geek than a jock.

However regardless, we’re in all probability getting lengthy within the tooth here and we should always let individuals go. But once once more, you will get the shownotes over at, and additionally join with Diana over there. Depart your feedback, your questions, your feedback within the shownotes and both Diana or I will hop in and reply. I do know she has a money-again assure on that Parasym Plus stuff, if you wish to attempt it. I’ll get a hyperlink to that and seek out the discount code and get that in the shownotes as properly. And I feel that’s it. So, thanks so much, Diana.

Diana:  Thank you, Ben. I respect it so much. Okay.

Ben:  Alright, people, I’m Ben Greenfield along with Diana Driscoll signing out from Have a tremendous week.

Nicely, thanks for listening to right now’s present. You’ll be able to grab all of the shownotes, the assets, pretty much all the things that I mentioned over at, along with loads of different goodies from me, including the highly useful “Ben Recommends” web page, which is a listing of fairly much every thing that I’ve ever beneficial for hormone, sleep, digestion, fats loss, performance, and a lot more. Please, also, know that each one the hyperlinks, all of the promo codes, that I mentioned throughout this and each episode, helped to make this podcast happen and to generate revenue that permits me to maintain bringing you this content every single week. If you pay attention in, you’ll want to use the links within the shownotes, use the promo codes that I generate, as a result of that helps to drift this factor and maintain it coming to you each and every week.

A few months ago, I briefly mentioned on a podcast that I found that by taking a particular blend of vitamins to help my vagus nerve, I used to be capable of utterly eliminate morning constipation. Right now, my podcast guest, Dr. Diana Driscoll, is the individual who truly designed that mix, and who is aware of a heckuva lot concerning the vagus nerve and its interaction with our our bodies.

Dr. Diana Driscoll is an optometrist who had all the time been wholesome – she was additionally a little bit of an train fanatic and geeked out with vitamin. But regardless of this historical past, she was struck down by an illness that few understood and was disabled for over a decade. Finally, she was recognized with one thing referred to as POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) – a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system and was informed there was no remedy for this mysterious condition.

When her youngsters also turned ailing and docs had no answers, she shaped Genetic Illness Investigators to formally research these circumstances. Dr. Driscoll is taken into account to be “the patients researcher”, bypassing notoriously sluggish educational analysis institutions to get solutions shortly. Twelve years later, she is now the director of POTS Care – the one POTS Clinic targeted on looking for the underlying reason for POTS, and treating it at its source. She has acquired two patents thus far, and is not solely serving to patients who’re ailing — she is reaching out to healthy people who need to improve their quality of life and maximize their health, even into previous age.

Dr. Driscoll graduated summa cum laude from both The University of Houston School of Optometry and The University of Texas at Austin. She is a geek, via and via. She is a member of the International Society of Neurovascular Illness, the American Headache Society, the Medical Advisory Board for EDS Community C.A.R.E.S, the American Optometric Affiliation, the Tear Film and Ocular Floor Society, and served as a medical advisor for the Ehlers-Danlos Nationwide Foundation.

Her peer-reviewed medical abstracts embrace these involving vascular abnormalities in the fundus of POTS sufferers, the etiology of left ventricular diastolic dysfunction, and using acetazolamide in a number of sclerosis. She is the writer of “The Driscoll Theory” and “Your Eyes and EDS”, and was the chief writer of the “Ophthalmology Medical Resource Guide” for Ehlers-Danlos Nationwide Foundation.

Dr. Driscoll is the recipient of numerous awards for patient advocacy and continues to donate her time to assist others throughout the globe via her online discussion board and videos on YouTube.

Her work in continual irritation, the autonomic nervous system, collagen issues, and organ dysfunction will help others stay their greatest life, as properly as have their greatest body and thoughts.

During our dialogue, you’ll discover:

-Diana’s story and how she first turned concerned about her area of work…eight:15

  • Contracted a virus throughout a missions journey to Costa Rica, but she was unable to kick it
    • Problem respiration
    • Poor sleep
    • Racing heart
    • Poor digestion
    • Developed a tremor
    • Reminiscence loss
    • Problem handling any sort of stress
  • Her youngsters began to develop comparable symptoms
  • Remedy included extra train, but nothing labored
  • Was disabled as a result of fatigue for over a decade

-The outcomes of Diana’s studies and research…14:15

  • “Layers of discovery” over the course of several years
  • Diana’s weblog
  • The Driscoll Concept
  • Irregular inter cranial strain
  • Irritation was a factor
  • The exaggerated signs truly made it simpler to find the causes
  • Genetics play a giant position (her youngsters skilled the identical symptoms)
  • Began by wanting on the eyes (nice window into systemic sickness)

-A working definition of POTS…21:20

  • POTS is just not a disease, it’s a symptom
  • There was no particular analysis for her condition
  • Dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system
  • ALS/Parkinson’s begin with POTS symptoms
  • Astronauts get POTS while in area, because of the lack of gravity

-How dysfunction of the vagus nerve is correlated with POTS…24:30

  • The irregular inter cranial strain is indicative of a poorly functioning vagus nerve
  • When signs occur simultaneously (problem respiration, racing heart, intestine dysfunction, and so on.) it could possibly be the vagus nerve
  • Ileocecal valve is linked to POTS and nerve perform
    • Vagus nerve controls the perform of the valve
  • Gastro motility linked to migrating motor complicated (cleaning up digestive system)
    • Triggered by alerts from the vagus nerve

-The nicotine-induced technique Diana devised to restore the ileocecal valve…30:10

  • A kidney stone turned up three days after being cleared for kidney stones
  • The physician confirmed the ileocecal valve was problematic
  • A surgeon refused to open the valve
  • Two elements of vagus nerve: preganglionic (extraordinarily lengthy) and postganglionic (extremely brief)
  • Diana tried to stimulate the postganglionic nerve
  • The vagus nerve is a nicotinic acido cholinergic nerve (nicotine is the imitator of the vagal neurotransmitter)
  • She put a nicotine patch over the aspect of the ileocecal valve
    • Within hours, the symptoms began to subside
  • This modified the best way Diana seen the reason for the problem:
    • It wasn’t an autoimmune condition affecting the receptors
    • It was either a preganglionic vagus nerve or a neurotransmitter drawback
  • Finally nicotine was not a viable lengthy-term answer

-The lengthy-time period answer Diana used to deal with her drawback…40:10

  • Parasym Plus (use code GREENFIELD for 10% off on all merchandise)
  • Established objectives:
    • Use supplements already deemed protected by the FDA
    • Needed it to work regardless of genetic points
    • Stimulate postganglionic nerve just as nicotine did
    • Cross the blood-brain barrier to assist cognition
  • Vagus nerve issues could be mistaken for acetylcholine production points and vice versa
  • CHAT gene offers instructions for making a protein referred to as choline acetyltransferase
  • It needed to account for nutrient malabsorption
  • Finding the correct stability between stimulation and overstimulation of the vagus nerve was a challenge
  • Parasym shouldn’t be a stool softener or a laxative; it allows a regular bowel movement by making the vagus nerve work properly
  • Main components: Huperzine, Acetyl-L-carnitine, Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine
  • Onnit Alpha Mind (use BEN for a 10% discount)
  • Diana was capable of purchase a patent due to the unique blend (and stability) of components; it’s not just another nootropic

-The significance of the eyes in discovering vagal nerve points…51:50

  • Pupil measurement is an indicator of the condition of the autonomic nervous system
    • The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous techniques are out of stability, leading to giant pupil sizes
    • Excessive sensitivity to mild
    • Pupils responded more persistently than HRV

-Find out how to check for acetylcholine issues…55:00

    • Have to search for symptoms; there’s no codified approach of testing for issues
    • Genetic exams can determine points to a restricted degree

-The amount of time one can anticipate to make use of Parasym…58:00

  • Some will all the time need help
  • Feeling “good enough” may be misleading
  • Vagus nerve is the anti-inflammatory pathway of the body
  • Reasons typical stimulants of the vagus nerve gained’t work:
    • Injury to the nerve
    • Genetic issues
    • Some inflammatory cytokines block the release of acetylcholine

-The current path of Diana’s work and research in mild of her discoveries up to now…1:03:00

-And much extra…

Click on here for a PDF version of the show notes for this episode

Assets from this episode:

–Parasym Plus (use code GREENFIELD for 10% off on all merchandise!)



-Diana’s blog at

-The website

-Ebook: The Driscoll Principle  by Dr. Diana Driscoll

-My podcast with Dr. Sarah Myhill “The Ultimate Guide To Beating Chronic Fatigue With Specific Vitamins, Minerals, Biohacks & More – A Conversation With Dr. Sarah Myhill.”

–The LUCY nicotine gum Ben chews

–Onnit Alpha Mind (use BEN for a 10% discount)

–Qualia Focus and Qualia Mind



-My podcast on “32 Ways To Support The Vagus Nerve”

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